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Project Status: Underway Рwith funding from the Maine Community Foundation and the Maine Highlands Tourism Region. See report for summer surveying below (September 2014)!

Description: The plan for the Katahdin Woods & Waters Scenic Byway notes a lack of useful information relating to tourism market opportunities for the Katahdin area. The plan itself focuses on improving customer satisfaction as the key to future tourism development success. The Partnership has launched a modest market study based on the Net Promoter Score approach to measure and track visitor satisfaction.


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2 thoughts on “Visitor Survey

  1. Penelope Gray

    I’m apprehensive about the cumulative impact of industrial wind projects on the greater Katahdin region. MET towers on Route 11… Number 9 Wind Farm in Bridgewater, other developments under the radar but in the works. How will this impact Katahdin’s quality of place and scenic viewsheds? Has this been discussed? The MATC is very concerned about this.

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