Visitor Survey Report, September 2013

The visitor survey conducted by the Katahdin Tourism Partnership in July and August used the Net Promoter Score system asking visitors to the region how likely they might be, using a scale from 0 (unlikely) to 10 (very likely), to recommend a future visit to the Katahdin area to their friends and family. Please click here to view the Visitor Survey report from March 2013 that includes a more in-depth explanation of a Net Promoter Score.

Based on the responses, the Katahdin area received a net promoter score of 75. To put this in perspective, Bend in Oregon’s net promoter score is 75 and Melbourne in Australia’s score is 29. The initial score suggests a very positive visitor experience but the true value in conducting this survey is providing a way to tract the impact of projects and initiatives intended to improve the experience.

Fifteen businesses and organizations participated in surveying gathering 222 responses from visitors. Of the 222 responses, 161 stated that the likelihood of a positive recommendation was very high – fully 10 out of a possible 10. One person even rated their likelihood as an 11. Only 8 people rated the area a 5 or below. Two people that rated the area as a 0 offered interesting reasons why – they do not want more people coming here and they want to keep all the fish for themselves.

The reason for the high marks is pretty evident in their comments – beautiful scenery and great hospitality. Participants felt so passionate about the area that they used some variation of beautiful 45 times and love 33 times in their comments.

There were some good opportunities to improve surfaced in the results. Below are some specific opportunities mentioned in people’s comments.

  • Access to services: One person mentioned the need for more access to food, restrooms and gasoline especially during non-peak hours/days. They specifically mentioned it in the context of too much travel in between destinations for necessities.
  • Amenities: The Ambejejus boat launch needs a restroom. Bike rental options are needed by Baxter State Park. One person requested a movie theater.
  • Observations: The roads can be rough for travelers. Trees need to be trimmed to give better views of the mountains. One person remarked that there is lots to see if you look for it. That coupled with the comment that there is nothing to do here indicates an ongoing need to better weave together available activities and make them easier to access. There is some confusion at the entrance to Baxter State Park about where to park. The comment did not specify which entrance.

Using zip code information and “heat map” software, we were able to create a map showing where visitors had come from. If you zoom out, you can see some visitors from Europe. By running visitor sets according to how visitors explained their ratings, we could begin to see patterns of preference according home location.

Here is a map of home locations for survey respondents who mentioned “scenery” as a reason that they would highly recommend a visit to the Katahdin area. (Use the slider at left of map to change scale.)

Here is a map of locations for respondents who mentioned quality of outdoor recreation opportunities.

Here is a map of locations for respondents who mentioned “hospitality” (lodging, food, friendly people) as a reason to recommend the area.

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