Visitor Survey Report, March 26, 2013

The visitor survey conducted by the Katahdin Tourism Partnership used the Net Promoter Score system asking visitors to state how likely they might be, using a scale from 0 (unlikely) to 10 (very likely), to recommend a future visit to the Katahdin area to their friends and family.

We chose to use Net Promoter Score for a number of reasons. It is an established system used world wide to gauge customer satisfaction. It is easy to administer and easy for customers to take. It produces a numeric score which we can track from season to season, year to year, but also allows for more open ended feedback on area strengths and weaknesses. (Note: in our survey, we also collected home zip codes to see where visitors were coming from.)

The response to the first round visitor survey (basically testing out the system) was overwhelming! The survey was conducted by eight area businesses (a big THANK YOU to them!) over a period of two weeks in late February and early March. Of 119 respondents, 105 stated that the likelihood of a positive recommendation was very high – fully 10 out of a possible 10! In fact, only three respondents said the likelihood was any lower than a seven. Reasons for high ratings included great scenery, well maintained snowmobile trails (and snow conditions), and area hospitality (food, lodging, friendly people)

Using zip code information and “heat map” software (available free on the Internet – heard about this at the Governor’s Conference), we were able to create a map showing where visitors had come from. By running visitor sets according to how visitors explained their ratings, we could begin to see patterns of preference according home location.

Here is a map of home locations for survey respondents who mentioned “scenery” as a reason that they would highly recommend a visit to the Katahdin area. (Use the slider at left of map to change scale.)

Here is a map of locations for respondents who mentioned quality of “trails” (snowmobile) and other outdoor recreation opportunities.

Here is a map of locations for respondents who mentioned “hospitality” (lodging, food, friendly people) as a reason to recommend the area.

Please let us know what you think of these results by leaving a reply below! A follow up survey is planned for August. KTP hopes to administer such a survey twice each year going forward to track changes.

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