Rules of Operation

The Katahdin Tourism Partnership was being formed as a network of individuals for the purpose of promoting the Katahdin Woods & Waters Scenic Byway and tourism development in the Katahdin Area. The Partnership itself is not a legally incorporated entity, however, it does have a structure and process for decision making.

The Partnership includes a general membership (“stakeholders”). Membership is open to anyone who is interested in participating in Partnership activities. The process for becoming a member is to sign on to the Partnership website. (Note: An individual membership may be terminated by decision of the Steering Committee if a member takes action not in keeping with the values and purpose of the group.)

The Partnership does have a number of standing committees. All committees except for the Steering Committee have an open membership; any Partnership member may join these committees. Decisions regarding committee activities (which projects under the purview of the committee will be given top priority, etc.) are taken at the committee level, however, all decisions regarding collecting or spending funds are subject to approval of the Steering Committee.

Decisions relating to actions to be taken generally by or on behalf of the Partnership as a whole (example, recommending a name for the Scenic Byway) are made by the Steering Committee, including all decisions to solicit of funding and all expenditures of funds collected by or on behalf of the Partnership. Membership on the Steering Committee is determined by the current membership of the committee.

Note: The Committee’s goal will be to reach consensus but if that is not possible, a vote will be taken. A quorum of seven people is needed for a vote. The Committee will vote first on whether to hold an open vote or written vote. A two-thirds majority wins the vote.

The Steering Committee will designate one or more legally incorporated organizations to serve as the fiscal agent(s) of the Partnership. The fiscal agent(s) will be responsible for managing and accounting for funds collected for or on behalf of the Partnership, including all payouts at the direction of the Steering Committee. The fiscal agent(s) will make regular reports to the Steering Committee as to the financial standing of the group. The fiscal agent(s) will be entitled to compensation for fund management at the discretion of the Steering Committee.

It is duly noted that some actions relating to interests of the Partnership may be undertaken by third parties who solicit and manage their own funds and implement their own projects. This may be true for certain projects to be undertaken by the Maine Department of Transportation and Eastern Maine Development Corporation with respect to development and marketing of the Katahdin Woods and Waters Scenic Byway. It is hoped and expected that these third parties, in soliciting funding and undertaking relevant projects, will consult with the Partnership to insure coordination and alignment of tourism development and promotion efforts going forward.

“Rules” adopted by the Partnership Steering Committee by vote on: October 4, 2012

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