Outdoor Recreation Tourism Planning Charrette

Project Status: Event is now concluded. It was awesome! Thanks to all who participated. Please check out the Final Report!)

NEOC raftingCall to Action: The Katahdin Tourism Partnership (KTP) invites stakeholders to participate in a day long planning event – a “charrette” – intended to identify key investments required to significantly improve the visitor experience of the Katahdin Area as a recreation tourism destination. KTP’s target market group is the “experiential” or general touring visitor who has a special interest in outdoor recreation. The “Katahdin Area” for the purpose of this event is considered to be an area within approximately 30 miles of Baxter Peak.

Program for the Day: Participants will be asked to assess the quality of a number of components that impact the visitor experience in the Katahdin Area (for example: scenery, accommodations, recreation services – see “Rate Your Area Grid” below.) In addition, participants will form “investment teams” to recommend investments in a range of infrastructure and service improvements (for example: road improvements, new trails, new or upgraded businesses, a new visitors center, etc. – see “Sample Projects” below for potential project ideas). Recommendations will be compiled in a final report for use by KTP to guide future investment of real dollars, public and private.

Documents and Links:

  • Rate Your Area Grid (DRAFT). This grid lays out quality levels by type of component (for example: scenic quality, accommodations, recreation services) allowing participants to indicate what quality level they currently see/experience in the Katahdin Area. At the charrette, we will use this grid with keypad polling devices to gauge response of group as a whole.
  • Katahdin Kash. This is the currency which will be used for “investment” at the event intended to move the area to the desired level of quality by 2023. Each investment team will have $10 million “Katahdin Dollars” to invest (in new roads, businesses, programs, visitor information centers, etc. – see “Rate Your Area” for ideas about what might be needed and “Sample Projects” for ideas about what might be possible!)
  • Sample Projects. This is a list of possible projects intended to take advantage of area strengths or to address area weaknesses along with cost estimates – attached to get you thinking!

Project Contact: Bruce Hazard, PlaceWorks Consulting. Please contact Bruce at bhazard@placeworksconsulting.com if you would like to hear more about the charrette.

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