The Katahdin Tourism Partnership is a network of individuals representing businesses, nonprofits, and government agencies united by an interest in strengthening tourism in the Katahdin area specifically by implementing the plan for the Katahdin Woods & Waters Scenic Byway. All are invited to join.

The network grew out of the Scenic Byway planning process initiated by the Maine Department of Transportation and Eastern Maine Development Corporation and carried out by a core planning group referred to as a Corridor Advocacy Group (CAG) and a broader group of stakeholders. To implement the plan, the CAG reconstituted itself as a steering committee within the broader stakeholder network, adopting rules of operation to guide decision-making. Click here for a list of steering committee members.

Where required by funding sources (foundations, government agencies et al.), legally incorporated steering committee member organizations act as fiscal agents taking responsibility for financial management of specific projects.

Note: FHWA and Maine Department of Transportation funding for Scenic Byway projects (see “Gateway” project) do not flow through the Partnership, though the MaineDOT seeks guidance from the group with respect to how best to apply Scenic Byways funds.

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