Downtown Kiosks

One of KTP’s planned activities has been to advise the MaineDOT on design of Byway kiosks. The next phase of the Byway Infrastructure Plan will be to create and install four kiosks in strategically selected locations along the Byway that will complement the larger gateways work funded through the MaineDOT Byways Program.

The locations will be:
• Millinocket- public green space on Penobscot Avenue
• East Millinocket- along the sidewalk in front of the Town Office and Library on Main Street
• Sherman- on the Village Green
• Patten- along the sidewalk downtown

Site location visuals and kiosk design graphics:
2015 Katahdin Woods & Waters Scenic Byway Downtown Kiosks

These locations are characterized by their proximity to high foot traffic areas and population centers where Katahdin-area residents live, work, and play. The very clear goal is to provide a vehicle for place-based education to enhance sense of place as well as instill pride and personal ownership in the community. The composition of the signage will be intended to help residents embrace their heritage and, hopefully, help them shape their future in more meaningful, insightful ways.

Double-sided kiosks will feature Byway information highlighting intrinsic qualities, regional and local maps, community events, photos of things to see and do. Content design will be determined with KTP Steering Committee members and stakeholders in each town. Site work and amenities at each location will include plantings, pavers, and benches with the intent to improve site and downtown aesthetics.

Project Outputs
• Provide Byway infrastructure key physical components
• Interpretive plan elements support all future Byway communications by creating graphics and mapping baseline

Project Outcomes
• Enhance sense of place by educating residents about what has been written about the Katahdin area by poets, novelists and historians, and portrayed in visual arts
• Link individual communities to the whole region, which will be instrumental in evolving the local economy without mills as anchors
• Engage communities in a significant way, compelling them to consider what is great about where they live and what they have to share
• Creation of small places like these are an important aspect of creating a beautiful place to live and conveying uniqueness
• Increase awareness of Katahdin region as unique destination
• Encourage visitors to stay, explore, and return

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