Corridor Partnership Plan

A Corridor Partnership Plan (CPP) is a written plan developed by the communities along a scenic byway that outlines how to protect and enhance the byway’s intrinsic qualities and character that define their byway corridor.

Most states, and the National Scenic Byways Program, require corridor partnership plans (CPP) for scenic byway designation. CPPs are community-based and flexible “living documents” that outline the goals, strategies, and responsibilities for preserving and promoting the byway. CMPs typically address issues such as: tourism development, historic and natural preservation, roadway safety, and economic development.

A CPP is designed to change with the community and respond to new proposals and developments along the byway corridor and they are often guided by the “14-point plan” recommended by the National Scenic Byways Program.

Beginning in 2011, over 100 people participated in the process representing a range of local and regional interests, with a core team of about 20 (i.e., the Corridor Advocacy Group) doing most of the work. The process was funded by the Maine Department of Transportation through its Scenic Byways Program.

The plan considers six “Intrinsic Qualities” that the National Scenic Byways Program defines “intrinsic qualities” as “features that are considered representative, unique, irreplaceable, or distinctly characteristic of an area.”  The FHWA recognizes six intrinsic quality categories: natural, scenic, recreational, historical, cultural, and archeological.

Intrinsic qualities arise from a particular combination of resources along a byway that together define its character, interest and appeal. These resources are the special views, places, buildings, sites, and other features that residents enjoy and that provide the byway’s drawing power and interest for travelers. The plan provides an assessment of market opportunities associated with those qualities, and lays out a number of strategies for attracting visitors through creative and sustainable use of local resources.

You can read the entire Katahdin Woods & Waters Scenic Byway Corridor Management Plan here.

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