2014 Focus & Funding

Over the course of 2014, funding was primarily sought and secured to fully support the development of the Katahdin Woods & Waters Scenic Byway Visitor Information System. When complete, this system will be comprised of an interpretive plan, website, website assets including a promotional video and interactive multi-use trail map, and other collateral materials.

Financial support for this integrated project has been obtained through grants from the Elmina B. Sewall Foundation ($13,200), Maine Community Foundation’s Community Building grant program ($8,000), The Betterment Fund ($10,00), and Maine Office of Tourism’s Enterprise grant program ($10,000) to total $41,200. Montgomery Designs, a prequalified MaineDOT vendor that has been instrumental in developing the style palette used in interpretative panel designs, has been engaged to perform the interpretive plan portion of this project. Funding for interpretive panels that will be placed at strategic points along the Byway is still being sought.

Funding for continuing projects was secured through the Elmina B. Sewall Foundation ($16,800 in total) for ongoing support and improvements to the KTP Communications Hub ($6,300), the Trails & Recreational Access project (a direct outcome of the 2013 Outdoor Recreation Tourism Planning Charrette—$6,500), additional tourism and training workshops offered free of charge to tourism-related businesses ($3,000), and for the Katahdin Region Higher Education Center’s new degree program in Outdoor Recreation and Tourism ($1,000).

The Betterment Fund $10,000
Elmina B. Sewall Foundation $30,000
Maine Community Foundation $8,000

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